Are your Flower Displays an ”Eyesore” for your Customers?

Are you one of the reported 1 in 4 people in the U.K that suffer from a pollen allergy*? If you are then you will understand the uncomfortable symptoms that come with this irritating condition. Most business owners overlook the possibility that their decorative floral displays may be aggravating an allergy in up to 25% of their clientele to varying degrees. Who knew that that gorgeous vase of lilies, gerbera or sunflowers might actually be affecting your customers enjoyment of their hotel stay or meal in the restaurant.

Artificial flower displays eliminate the risk of affecting allergy sufferers and with recent improvements in the production of gorgeous blooms it is often difficult to tell the difference between these and the real things – without the pollen of course !.

At Centrepiece flowers we offer flexible lifelike floral contracts to our customers in the hospitality industry with a free no commitment trial period. Gorgeous flower displays and happy healthy customers.

*Sources – Office for National statistics Population 2012

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